Fusion Links

Many laboratories and universities are carrying out research that is important to controlled fusion.   Besides the work by VNL members and collaborators, there is a substantial European program on heavy-ion fusion, as well as major projects on laser-driven fusion in the US and France.   In addition, development of magnetically confined fusion continues in parallel to the inertial-fusion programs.  The following list of Web links includes the principal organizations contributing to each area, but it is not intended to be comprehensive.

Heavy-ion fusion

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - LBNL
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - LLNL
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - PPPL

Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung - GSI, Germany
Heavy Ion Fusion Research Group - Japan
Naval Research Laboratory - NRL
Sandia National Laboratory - SNL
University of California Berkeley
University of Maryland - UMD

Laser fusion

CEA Laser Megajoule - Bordeaux, France
LLNL National Ignition Facility - NIF
NRL Nike Facility
Omega Facility - University of Rochester

Magnetic fusion

Argonne National Laboratory
General Atomics Fusion Group
Georgia Tech Fusion Center
International Tokamak Experimental Reactor - ITER
Joint European Torus - JET
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute JT-60U Tokamak - JAERI
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - LLNL
Los Alamos National Laboratory - LANL
MIT Plasma Fusion Center
Oak Ridge National Laboratory - ORNL
Princeton Fusion Education Site
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - PPPL
United Kingdon Atomic Energy Authority
University of Texas
University of Wisconsin

Fusion technologies

MIT Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory
Virtual Laboratory for Technology - VLT

Government agencies

US Department of Energy
US Office of Fusion Energy

Other organizations

American Institute of Physics
Fusion Power Associates
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - IEEE

For comments or questions contact WMSharp@lbl.gov or DPGrote@lbl.gov.  Work described here was supported by the Office of Fusion Energy at the US Department of Energy under contracts  DE-AC03-76SF00098 and W-7405-ENG-48.  This document was last revised November, 2001.