VNL Research Activities

The Virtual National Laboratory for Heavy-Ion Fusion is carrying out scaled experiments and theoretical work to understand scientific questions underlying the generation, transport, and focusing of space-charge-dominated beams. VNL research also contributes to related research programs worldwide, including materials science, computer science, and high-energy-density physics (HEDP). The following links give more information on the listed research areas.

Current and Planned Experiments

  High-Current Experiment (HCX)
         investigating the transport of a high-current ion beam through electric and magnetic quadrupoles

  Neutralized-Transport Experiment (NTX)
         modeling aspects of the transport of a space-charge-dominated ion beam in a fusion chamber

  Beam-Injector Experiments
         studying the physics and technology of high-brightness ion-beam sources

  Integrated Beam Experiment (IBX)
         possible future experiment to study the integration of beam injection, transport, and focusing

Previous Experiments

  Scaled Final-Focus Experiment
         studying the dynamics of focusing intense ion beams onto inertial fusion targets

  Beam-Combining Experiment
         investigating emittance growth as four space-charge-dominated beams are transversely merged together

  Channel-Focusing Experiments
         developing a concept for economically focusing and guiding driver-scale beams to inertial-fusion targets

  Early Experiments
         including ion-source work in the 1970s, and the later single-beam and multiple-beam experiments

 Diagnostics and Engineering

  Beam Diagnostics
         developing techniques for probing high-current ion beams

  Magnet Design
         designing quadrupole arrays for beam transport

  Induction-Module Development
         improving the pulsers and induction cores that accelerate the ion beams

Simulation and Theory

  Simulation Codes
         modeling the generation, transport, and focusing of heavy-ion beams

  Analytic Theory
         developing scaling laws and improved numerical techniques

  Target Modeling
         examining new designs for high-gain inertial-fusion targets

For comments or questions contact or Work described here was supported by the Office of Fusion Energy at the US Department of Energy under contracts  DE-AC03-76SF00098 and W-7405-ENG-48.  This document was last revised June, 2002.