VNL Staff Members

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Anderson, Oscar
David Baca
Bangerter, Roger
Barnard, John
Beck, Dave
Beggs, Ron
Bieniosek, Frank
Callahan, Debbie
Celata, Christine
Chacon-Golcher, Edwin
Chilton, Sven
Cohen, Ron
Coleman, Josh
Craig, George


Davidson, Ron
Debonnel, Christophe
Eylon, Shumel
Faltens, Andy
Franks, Mark
Friedman, Alex


Ghiorso, Bill
Grote, Dave
Heimbucher, Lynn
Henestroza, Enrique
Hernandez, Sharon
Hipple, Ralph


Jung, Jin-Young
Kaganovich, Igor
Katayanagi, Tak
Kireeff Covo, Michel
Kwan, Joe
Lee, Ed
Lee, Wei-Li
Leitner, Matthaeus
Logan, Grant
Lund, Steve


Meier, Wayne
Molvik, Art


Perkins, John
Prost, Lionel
Qin, Hong
Reginato, Lou
Ritchie, Gary
Rogers, Craig
Roy, Prabir


Seidl, Peter
Sharp, Bill
Shuman, Derek
Strelo, Bill
Tabak, Max


Vay, Jean-Luc
Waldron, Will
Westenskow, Glen
Yu, Simon

The staff listied here are only those individuals directly asociated with  the Heavy-Ion Fusion VNL.
For other personnel at the VNL laboratories, click on the appropriate logo below and consult the staff directory.

For comments or questions contact or  Work described here was supported by the Office of Fusion Energy at the US Department of Energy under contracts  DE-AC03-76SF00098 and W-7405-ENG-48.  This document was last revised June, 2002.