Integrated Beam Experiment

To maximize scientific productivity over the next several years, the HIF-VNL is considering a next-step Integrated Beam Experiment, called IBX.  This experiment, which is contingent on an increased budget, would build on the present series of high-current experiments, including  HCX, NTX , and several  beam-injector experiments.  Together with parallel research on enabling accelerator technologies, it would provide the science base needed for a more-capable Integrated Reasearch Experiment (IRE), anticipated around FY2007.  The IBX would address several high-priority HIF science questions:

These issues are now being addressed through the separate high-current experiments.  The crucial role of the IBX is to test experimentally the change in beam brightness from source to target, and the project will be a major achievement if it confirms that emittance does not grow significantly when the beam is kept well-matched through each section.  Also, IBX will provide a well-diagnosed experiment to follow at least one beam from injection through acceleration, longitudinal drift-compression, and final focus, with sufficient beam current to see any  interactions with the background gas or with secondary electrons.  Consequently, the experiment will be a valuable check of our source-to-target computer-modeling capability.

For comments or questions contact or  Work described here was supported by the Office of Fusion Energy at the US Department of Energy under contracts  DE-AC03-76SF00098 and W-7405-ENG-48.  This document was last revised June, 2002.