HIF Computer Codes

The Virtual National Laboratory for Heavy Ion Fusion has developed a suite of computer codes for modeling beam injection, acceleration, transport, and focusing in induction accelerators and transport in fusion chamber.  These codes can describe beams at differing levels of detail, from zero-dimensional systems equations to 3-D electromagnetic particle-in-cell (PIC) models.  Our goal is an integrated, detailed, and benchmarked source-to-target beam simulation capability.   Several movies are available to illustrate VNL simulation capabilities.
IBEAM A MathCad systems program to study accelerator-design trade-offs and economics.
WARP An electrostatic code with envelope, PIC, and Vlasov models to examine beam injection and transport.
BESTA nonlinear perturbative PIC code for studying questions of beam stability and halo formation.
LSP An implicit electromagnetic PIC code with a particle-fluid electron model for modeling high-density plasmas.
BPIC A modern 2-D / 3-D electromagetic PIC code for chamber transport.
BICrz A 2-D electromagnetic PIC code for chamber transport.

For comments or questions contact WMSharp@lbl.gov or DPGrote@lbl.gov.  Work described here was supported by the Office of Fusion Energy at the US Department of Energy under contracts  DE-AC03-76SF00098 and W-7405-ENG-48.  This document was last revised August, 2003.